Scott Hanselman’s 2009 Utils List

I followed Scott Hanselman around for a year when I was touring with the Dead^W^W^W^W a build / team system admin. He always puts out a good utils list:

There are a few that are already in the pentesting toolkit:

  •  Fiddler
  •  PowerShell
  •  .NET Reflector / NDepend
  •  Notepad++
  •  Firebug

And a few new ones

  •  Storm
  •  BugShooting (Works with trac?)
  •  WinCheat
  •  TextCrawler
  •  PInvoke.NET
  •  Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3

etc etc etc. lots of good stuff here. (i’m learning to blog when i’m procrastinating. back to work!)

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