Back|Track 4 First Impressions

It’s damned liberating to take this distro and be able to update it. This, along with specialized security-tool repositories, is the killer feature of the new Back|Track 4 release. A

If you haven’t tried either the LiveCD or the VM version, give’m a shot.

My first impressions are extremely positive. I like the fact that you can choose your window manager, KDE or FVWM (FVWM is /sexy/). Most of the Ubuntu folk (myself included) are going to be used to using Gnome, but KDE will do.

It would be better if the distro would auto-generate a password on first load, rather than using the default of root:toor. Especially, now that the disk has become installable, and thus, more permanent. I look forward to owning a corporate auditor’s Backtrack box. 🙂

Good work all around. Now to get documentation on how to set up & maintain my own Debian/Backtrack tool repository! 


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