HP Mini 1000 Series – HP 1030nr

just picked up a HP 1030NR on a lark at best buy. super tiny, but powerful enough to run most of what i need. the thing makes my 12″ dell m1210 look like a monster.


  • intel atom 1.6ghz
  • 1gb ddr2
  • 16 gig solid state drive
  • wireless / webcam

keyboard is fairly small, still getting used to it, but it’s large enough to type a document on (read: much better than the tiny asus eeepc keyboard).

HP Mini 1000 Series (1030NR)
HP Mini 1000 Series (1030NR)
1030 vs 1210. 1030 wins, out of pure, unadulterated cuteness.
the 1210 has never felt so beastly.

Thus far, i’m extremely happy with it. Used it on the 4 hour plane ride home, got almost a full flight out of it. I couldn’t help but laugh as the guy next to me was forced to hold his 15″ laptop at a 45 degree angle to keep the woman in front from smashing it with her seat. Tiny == good.

Got home, loaded up Ableton Live 7 on it, and have been messing around ever since. Fan runs constantly, but i have a feeling it wasn’t exactly designed for music production :).


  1. Derek says:

    Hey John,

    Just bought 2 of these for my parents… you are the #2 result, behind BestBuy, on google for “1030NR”


  2. Jebbiah Bush says:


  3. gSaenz says:

    cool, I’ve been looking for a laptop. Will have to check this one out

  4. Andre says:

    Hey John,

    Being that you’re a pen tester in all…are you using the HP Mini for that line of work. I just got one for Christmas (Mini 1033CL) and I’ve been happy with it thus far. I’ve been reading a couple forums that recommend replacing the Broadcom MiniPCI wifi cards because of of the lack packet injection support for them. Did you run into this issue and if so can you direct to what you replaced your card with. Thanks in advance.

    1. jcran says:

      Andre – Yes, i’m definitely using it as a hacking platform.

      I haven’t attempted to do any wireless work with the built-in card (‘Broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g WLAN module’), but from what i understand, it should work if you:
      1) install the latest wireless drivers from http://wireless.kernel.org and
      2) manually stick the ‘b43’ driver into the kernel.

      There seems to be some problems with the automatic loading of the driver, and i /can/ verify that. I’ve installed the latest wireless drivers, but the box is still loading an older driver. Either way, I don’t have the little guy in front of me right now, but i’ll test it out injection when i get a sec. On a side note, I’ve done a bit of injection on the mini with an alfa usb card. works great.

      Also, the posts you were seeing about replacing the card may have been referring to the HP 2133. Hrm. looking into it Looks like the 2133 has a Broadcom card as well. … Anyhow, i know HD Moore was selling modified 2133’s a while back, but they’re out of production now. (http://ipwn.mobi/oldproducts.html). That page gives the specs, looks like an atheros-based gigabyte card was the replacement. He’d be a good resource for parts & suppliers.

  5. Thank you for posting your infomation on this laptop running Ableton LIVE. I would like to ask you a couple of quick questions about your experience with this set up. Could you please contact me thru http://www.myspace.com/iamdemetrinocturnal?

    I am looking at new options for Ableton LIVE with laptops. Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time!


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